Welcome to Colfax co., NE marriages

July 16, 2013

This is another of our genealogy data web sites. The reels that these marriages have been taken from are available at the W. Dale Clark Library in Omaha, or from the Colfax county courthouse.

We’re excited to add Colfax county to our collection, and are learning to spell Czech names. (We’re beginning with reel 2 because reel 1 is very pale and difficult to read. Perhaps after indexing reel 2, we’ll find it easier to recognizer the spellings of names previously not familiar to us. At present, I would estimate close to 2/3 of the marriages are for people of Czech ancestry.) Indexing Colfax is shared with indexing other area records so that we can all find more ancestors. Hope you find some of yours, if not now, then later.

To get copies of the marriages, we invite you to the W. Dale Clark Library. If you can’t make it to visit us, you can contact one of the following three addresses for copies.

1. G.O.G.S., P O Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104 $5 per copy mailed or emailed when the check arrives. You can order items from any of our web sites at the same time & cost.

2. W. Dale Clark Library, Omaha, NE $5 per copy, limit three items requested per week.

3. TheGenlady@gmail.com. We will obtain copies for you from any of our web sites for $5 per copy emailed, usually the next regular business day. You can order from any of our web sites, and if you have 6 items requested at one time, the sixth one will be free as a thanks to you. When your request arrives, the address to send your check will be in the “thank you for your order” email.